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  • Wing Chun (Kungfu)


    Wing Chun is said to have originated in middle Qing Dynasty. It focuses on attacks and defenses within short distance and short time.

  • Choy Li Fut (Kungfu)


    Choy Li Fut has a history of over 150 years. It lays emphasis on actual fighting, with spears, broad swords, and cudgels as the major weapons.

  • Rattan plaited articles


    Rattan plaited article draws materials from vines. During the Tang Dynasty, it was a form of royal tribute.

  • Guangdong embroidery


    Guangdong embroidery originated in the Qin (221-207BC) and Han Dynasties (202BC-220AD). It has seven categories, featuring tens of exquisite needle techniques, various patterns and vivid colors.

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