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Global Strategy of Capacity Building

Source: CRIHAP

To strengthen the capacity building demanded in the Convention for the Safeguarding of Intangible Cultural Heritage among the contracting parties at the national level is a very important program conducted by UNESCO in recent years. The program is based on the following understanding: whether every contracting party could effectively carry out the Convention depends on its understanding of the concept, method and mechanism of the Convention.

Therefore, with the intangible cultural heritage office as the overall coordinator and in close cooperation with regional offices and member states, UNESCO pushes the strategy of building global capabilities.

The capacity building program under this strategy is aimed to better serve the preservation of intangible cultural heritage.

The training materials containing the curriculum plan, Power Point presentation, slides, exercises and test were prepared by world-famous experts and education experts. At present, the material includes the following four subjects:

Information about the ratification of the Convention

Information about the performance of the Convention at the national level

Information about making lists based on the community

Information about the application work of the Convention

There are 65 regional experts who have been trained to be trainers. Their duty is to conduct the global training program around the above four themes. These trainers use special Internet tools to promote global capacity building. Some countries have donated extra budgetary funds of $8.5 million for the strategy, including Azerbaijan, Bulgaria, Cyprus, EU Flanders (Belgium), Hungary, Japan, Norway, South Korea, Spain and the UAE.

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