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  • Chaozhou decorative porcelain


    In late Qing Dynasty, artisans created Chaozhou decorative porcelain by combining traditional porcelain decoration techniques with Chinese painting skills.

  • Dawu clay sculpture


    Dawu clay sculpting originated in 1237. It draws themes from Chaozhou Opera and daily life, with various expressive techniques.

  • Chaozhou big gong and drum


    With a history of over 300 years, the Chaozhou big gong and drum is a popular musical instrument. It combines percussion, orchestral and string music.

  • Chaozhou ballad


    Originating in Chaozhou, this type of ballad is popular in Chaozhou as well as Southeast Asia. It was originally sung by women in the Chaozhou dialect.

  • Chaozhou congou


    Chaozhou people started drinking congou in the Song Dynasty (960-1279). By middle Qing Dynasty, Chaozho congou has been popular all over Southeast Asia.

  • Guangzhou paper-cut


    Paper-cut originated in the Ming Dynasty (1368-1644) and prospered in the Qing Dynasty. With flowers, fruits, figures, landscapes as its major themes, it is often seen in festival activities.

  • Chaozhou straw painting


    Chaozhou straw painting was a kind of textile initially, with figures, flowers, landscapes as its major themes.

  • Chaozhou wood carving


    Chaozhou wood carving originated during the Tang Dynasty, with historical stories, myths and flowers as the major themes.

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