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Chaozhou decorative porcelain

In late Qing Dynasty, artisans created Chaozhou decorative porcelain by combining traditional porcelain decoration techniques with Chinese painting skills.

Dawu clay sculpture

Dawu clay sculpting originated in 1237. It draws themes from Chaozhou Opera and daily life, with various expressive techniques.

Chaozhou big gong and drum

With a history of over 300 years, the Chaozhou big gong and drum is a popular musical instrument. It combines percussion, orchestral and string music.

Chaozhou ballad

Originating in Chaozhou, this type of ballad is popular in Chaozhou as well as Southeast Asia. It was originally sung by women in the Chaozhou dialect.

Chaozhou congou

Chaozhou people started drinking congou in the Song Dynasty (960-1279). By middle Qing Dynasty, Chaozho congou has been popular all over Southeast Asia.

Guangzhou paper-cut

Paper-cut originated in the Ming Dynasty (1368-1644) and prospered in the Qing Dynasty. With flowers, fruits, figures, landscapes as its major themes, it is often seen in festival activities.

Chaozhou straw painting

Chaozhou straw painting was a kind of textile initially, with figures, flowers, landscapes as its major themes.

Chaozhou wood carving

Chaozhou wood carving originated during the Tang Dynasty, with historical stories, myths and flowers as the major themes.


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