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  • Kunqu Opera


    Kunqu Opera is one of the oldest forms of opera still existing in China, with its origins dating back to the end of the Yuan Dynasty (1271-1368).

  • Siem Reap Art School of Cambodia


    The classical dance troupe The Royal Ballet of Cambodia is one of the oldest and most sacred dances groups in Cambodia. It dates back to the first through the sixth centuries.

  • Khmer shadow theatre


    The troupe is often invited to participate in performances for national celebrations, village rituals and tourist entertainment.

  • Xinfan zongbian, or palm fiber weaving from Xinbian town in Sichuan province


    Stemming from the Emperor Jiaqing’s reign during the Qing Dynasty, Xinfan zongbian has so far lasted for more than 200 years.

  • Sichuan Opera


    Sichuan Opera is a synthesis of five historic melodic styles, which are rarely seen in Chinese operas. It is popular mainly in Sichuan, Yunnan and Guizhou provinces.

  • Wangxinji Fan


    Wangxingji Fan Mill boasts a 126-year-long history. In further developing and strengthening the undertaking, the mill has constructed a colorful kingdom of fans with its traditional techniques, rich variety and quality brand. It is the only antique fan mill still existing in China.

  • Chaozhou embroidery


    Chaozhou embroidery originated in the Tang Dynasty (618-907), with figures, animals, flowers as its major themes. It was selected in the first batch of national intangible cultural heritage in 2006.

  • Chaozhou Opera


    Chaoyin Opera or Chaozhou Play is one of the most famous operas of China. It is popular in East Guangdong, South Fujian and Southeast Asia.

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