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Representative List of the Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity (Asia-Pacific, as of 2019)

Source: UNESCO


'Ie Samoa, fine mat and its cultural value Samoa
Ak-kalpak craftsmanship, traditional knowledge and skills in making and wearing Kyrgyz men’s headwear Kyrgyzstan
Khorazm dance, Lazgi Uzbekistan
Nuad Thai, traditional Thai massage Thailand
Practices and craftsmanship associated with the Damascene rose in Al-Mrah Syrian Arab Republic
Practices of Then by Tày, Nùng and Thái ethnic groups in Viet Nam Viet Nam
Provision of services and hospitality during the Arba'in visitation Iraq
Silat Malaysia
Traditional skills of crafting and playing Dotār Iran (Islamic Republic of)
Traditional technique of making Airag in Khokhuur and its associated customs Mongolia
Traditional Turkish archery Turkey
Traditional turkmen carpet making art in Turkmenistan Turkmenistan
Traditions of Pencak Silat Indonesia


Chakan, embroidery art in the Republic of Tajikistan Tajikistan
Dondang Sayang Malaysia
Heritage of Dede Qorqud/Korkyt Ata/Dede Korkut, epic culture, folk tales and music Azerbaijan – Kazakhstan – Turkey
Khon, masked dance drama in Thailand Thailand
Lum medicinal bathing of Sowa Rigpa, knowledge and practices concerning life, health and illness prevention and treatment among the Tibetan people in China China
Raiho-shin, ritual visits of deities in masks and costumes Japan
Rūkada Nātya, traditional string puppet drama in Sri Lanka Sri Lanka
Traditional Korean wrestling (Ssirum/Ssireum) Democratic People’s Republic of Korea – Republic of Korea
Traditional spring festive rites of the Kazakh horse breeders Kazakhstan


Art of crafting and playing with Kamantcheh/Kamancha, a bowed string musical instrument Azerbaijan – Iran (Islamic Republic of)
Chogān, a horse-riding game accompanied by music and storytelling Iran (Islamic Republic of)
Kazakh traditional Assyk games Kazakhstan
Khaen music of the Lao people Lao People's Democratic Republic
Kok boru, traditional horse game Kyrgyzstan
Kumbh Mela India
Kushtdepdi rite of singing and dancing Turkmenistan
Pinisi, art of boatbuilding in South Sulawesi Indonesia
Spring celebration, Hıdrellez The former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia – Turkey
The art of Bài Chòi in Central Viet Nam Viet Nam
Traditional art of Shital Pati weaving of Sylhet Bangladesh
Xoan singing of Phú Thọ province, Viet Nam Viet Nam


Culture of Jeju Haenyeo (women divers) Republic of Korea
Falconry, a living human heritage Germany – Saudi Arabia – Austria – Belgium – United Arab Emirates – Spain – France – Hungary – Italy – Kazakhstan – Morocco – Mongolia – Pakistan – Portugal – Qatar – Syrian Arab Republic – Republic of Korea – Czechia
Flatbread making and sharing culture: Lavash, Katyrma, Jupka, Yufka Azerbaijan – Iran (Islamic Republic of) – Kazakhstan – Kyrgyzstan – Turkey
Kuresi in Kazakhstan Kazakhstan
Mangal Shobhajatra on Pahela Baishakh Bangladesh
Nawrouz, Novruz, Nowrouz, Nowrouz, Nawrouz, Nauryz, Nooruz, Nowruz, Navruz, Nevruz, Nowruz, Navruz Afghanistan – Azerbaijan – India – Iran (Islamic Republic of) – Iraq – Kazakhstan – Kyrgyzstan – Uzbekistan – Pakistan – Tajikistan – Turkmenistan – Turkey
Oshi Palav, a traditional meal and its social and cultural contexts in Tajikistan Tajikistan
Palov culture and tradition Uzbekistan
Practices related to the Viet beliefs in the Mother Goddesses of Three Realms Viet Nam
The Twenty-Four Solar Terms, knowledge in China of time and practices developed through observation of the sun’s annual motion China
Traditional craftsmanship of Çini-making Turkey
Yama, Hoko, Yatai, float festivals in Japan Japan
Yoga India


Aitysh/Aitys, art of improvisation Kazakhstan – Kyrgyzstan
Epic art of Gorogly Turkmenistan
Three genres of traditional dance in Bali Indonesia
Tradition of kimchi-making in the Democratic People's Republic of Korea Democratic People’s Republic of Korea
Tugging rituals and games Cambodia – Philippines – Republic of Korea – Viet Nam


Arirang folk song in the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea Democratic People’s Republic of Korea
Askiya, the art of wit Uzbekistan
Ebru, Turkish art of marbling Turkey
Kazakh traditional art of Dombra Kuy Kazakhstan
Mongolian knuckle-bone shooting Mongolia
Nongak, community band music, dance and rituals in the Republic of Korea Republic of Korea
Traditional brass and copper craft of utensil making among the Thatheras of Jandiala Guru, Punjab, India India
Traditional knowledge and skills in making Kyrgyz and Kazakh yurts (Turkic nomadic dwellings) Kazakhstan – Kyrgyzstan
Ví and Giặm folk songs of Nghệ Tĩnh Viet Nam
Washi, craftsmanship of traditional Japanese hand-made paper Japan


Art of Đờn ca tài tử music and song in southern Viet Nam Viet Nam
Chinese Zhusuan, knowledge and practices of mathematical calculation through the abacus China
Kimjang, making and sharing kimchi in the Republic of Korea Republic of Korea
Kyrgyz epic trilogy: Manas, Semetey, Seytek Kyrgyzstan
Sankirtana, ritual singing, drumming and dancing of Manipur India
Traditional art of Jamdani weaving Bangladesh
Traditional craftsmanship of the Mongol Ger and its associated customs Mongolia
Turkish coffee culture and tradition Turkey
Washoku, traditional dietary cultures of the Japanese, notably for the celebration of New Year Japan


Arirang, lyrical folk song in the Republic of Korea Republic of Korea
Buddhist chanting of Ladakh: recitation of sacred Buddhist texts in the trans-Himalayan Ladakh region, Jammu and Kashmir, India India
Mesir Macunu festival Turkey
Nachi no Dengaku, a religious performing art held at the Nachi fire festival Japan
Qālišuyān rituals of Mašhad-e Ardehāl in Kāšān Iran (Islamic Republic of)
Worship of Hùng kings in Phú Thọ Viet Nam


Ceremonial Keşkek tradition Turkey
Chinese shadow puppetry China
Jultagi, tightrope walking Republic of Korea
Mibu no Hana Taue, ritual of transplanting rice in Mibu, Hiroshima Japan
Sada Shin Noh, sacred dancing at Sada shrine, Shimane Japan
Taekkyeon, a traditional Korean martial art Republic of Korea
Weaving of Mosi (fine ramie) in the Hansan region Republic of Korea


Acupuncture and moxibustion of traditional Chinese medicine China
Chhau dance India
Daemokjang, traditional wooden architecture Republic of Korea
Gagok, lyric song cycles accompanied by an orchestra Republic of Korea
Gióng festival of Phù Ðông and Sóc temples Viet Nam
Indonesian Angklung Indonesia
Kalbelia folk songs and dances of Rajasthan India
Kırkpınar oil wrestling festival Turkey
Kumiodori, traditional Okinawan musical theatre Japan
Mongolian traditional art of Khöömei Mongolia
Mudiyettu, ritual theatre and dance drama of Kerala India
Music of the Bakhshis of Khorasan Iran (Islamic Republic of)
Naadam, Mongolian traditional festival Mongolia
Pahlevani and Zoorkhanei rituals Iran (Islamic Republic of)
Peking opera China
Ritual dramatic art of Ta‘zīye Iran (Islamic Republic of)
Semah, Alevi-Bektaşi ritual Turkey
Traditional skills of carpet weaving in Fars Iran (Islamic Republic of)
Traditional skills of carpet weaving in Kashan Iran (Islamic Republic of)
Traditional Sohbet meetings Turkey
Yuki-tsumugi, silk fabric production technique Japan


Akiu no Taue Odori Japan
Art of Chinese seal engraving China
Âşıklık (minstrelsy) tradition Turkey
Chakkirako Japan
Cheoyongmu Republic of Korea
China engraved block printing technique China
Chinese calligraphy China
Chinese paper-cut China
Chinese traditional architectural craftsmanship for timber-framed structures China
Craftsmanship of Nanjing Yunjin brocade China
Daimokutate Japan
Dainichido Bugaku Japan
Dragon Boat festival China
Farmers’ dance of China’s Korean ethnic group China
Gagaku Japan
Ganggangsullae Republic of Korea
Gesar epic tradition China
Grand song of the Dong ethnic group China
Hayachine Kagura Japan
Hua’er China
Indonesian Batik Indonesia
Jeju Chilmeoridang Yeongdeunggut Republic of Korea
Karagöz Turkey
Katta Ashula Uzbekistan
Manas China
Mazu belief and customs China
Mongolian art of singing, Khoomei China
Namsadang Nori Republic of Korea
Nanyin China
Ojiya-chijimi, Echigo-jofu: techniques of making ramie fabric in Uonuma region, Niigata Prefecture Japan
Oku-noto no Aenokoto Japan
Quan Họ Bắc Ninh folk songs Viet Nam
Radif of Iranian music Iran (Islamic Republic of)
Ramman, religious festival and ritual theatre of the Garhwal Himalayas, India India
Regong arts China
Sericulture and silk craftsmanship of China China
Tibetan opera China
Traditional Ainu dance Japan
Traditional firing technology of Longquan celadon China
Traditional handicrafts of making Xuan paper China
Xi’an wind and percussion ensemble China
Yeongsanjae Republic of Korea
Yueju opera China


Art of Akyns, Kyrgyz epic tellers Kyrgyzstan
Arts of the Meddah, public storytellers Turkey
Baul songs Bangladesh
Cultural space and oral culture of the Semeiskie Russian Federation
Cultural space of Boysun District Uzbekistan
Darangen epic of the Maranao people of Lake Lanao Philippines
Gangneung Danoje festival Republic of Korea
Guqin and its music China
Hudhud chants of the Ifugao Philippines
Indonesian Kris Indonesia
Iraqi Maqam Iraq
Kabuki theatre Japan
Kun Qu opera China
Kutiyattam, Sanskrit theatre India
Mak Yong theatre Malaysia
Mask dance of the drums from Drametse Bhutan
Mevlevi Sema ceremony Turkey
Nha Nhac, Vietnamese court music Viet Nam
Ningyo Johruri Bunraku puppet theatre Japan
Nôgaku theatre Japan
Olonkho, Yakut heroic epos Russian Federation
Pansori epic chant Republic of Korea
Ramlila, the traditional performance of the Ramayana India
Royal ancestral ritual in the Jongmyo shrine and its music Republic of Korea
Royal ballet of Cambodia Cambodia
Sbek Thom, Khmer shadow theatre Cambodia
Shashmaqom music Uzbekistan – Tajikistan
Space of gong culture Viet Nam
Tradition of Vedic chanting India
Traditional music of the Morin Khuur Mongolia
Urtiin Duu, traditional folk long song China – Mongolia
Uyghur Muqam of Xinjiang China
Vanuatu sand drawings Vanuatu
Wayang puppet theatre Indonesia

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