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CRIHAP holds training of trainers on inventorying intangible cultural heritage in Thailand

Source: CRIHAP


CRIHAP holds training of trainers on inventorying intangible cultural heritage in Thailand
Trainees have discussion with community-based intangible cultural heritage representative inheritors

After ratifying the Convention in 2016, Thailand was in need of improving its national capacity on safeguarding intangible cultural heritage and implementing the Convention. The training was held to meet the urgent needs of the country and respond to its two-year plan focused on strengthening intangible cultural heritage safeguarding capacity and fieldwork. All the trainees were chosen through a strict selection process, with high comprehensive quality and a willingness to actively participate in the workshop.

Mr. Pradit Posew, Deputy Director-General of the Department of Culture Promotion of Thailand’s Ministry of Culture, expressed his heartfelt thanks to CRIHAP’s support and funding. He said that the Thai government attached great importance to intangible cultural heritage safeguarding and inheritance, and had made relevant policies and rules. Although a variety of activities had been carried out, the government’s work on safeguarding intangible cultural heritage under the framework of the Convention was still in the primary stage. There were many problems showing the inadequacy of Thailand’s national capacity for effective implementation of the 2003 Convention since its ratification, such as a lack of understanding among people about the status and role of intangible cultural heritage as well as a lack of social participation. He believed that the national capacity for intangible cultural heritage safeguarding will be greatly improved through this training workshop, and trainees would gain a professional understanding of tools, methods and techniques involved in inventorying. And most importantly, the workshop will instruct a group of trainers who can provide intellectual support for the safeguarding of Thai intangible cultural heritage.

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