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Training of National Trainers on Developing Safeguarding Plan for Intangible Cultural Heritage (2019.6.17-23)

Source: CRIHAP
The DCP, in collaboration with UNESCO Bangkok Office, and with support from CRIHAP, will organize the Training of National Trainers on Developing Safeguarding Plan, from 17th to 23rd June 2019, in Chiang Mai province, Thailand. The 7-day training affirms the main objective of the Convention by building participants’ competences in developing safeguarding plans for ICH elements. The process of developing plans for ICH safeguarding may differ widely depending on the scope of the ICH in question, the domain, the communities concerned, the threats and risks to its viability, and the broader social, political and environmental contexts. This training targets ministry officials, local community members, community-based organizations, researchers and NGOs playing an active role in the safeguarding of ICH. It will also include fieldwork practicum at local communities in Chiang Mai, which allows the trainees to gain first-hand experience.

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