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Sixth meeting of Advisory Committee of CRIHAP held in Beijing

Source: CRIHAP

The sixth meeting of the CRIHAP’s Advisory Committee was held in Beijing on March 25, 2019. Chairperson of the Advisory Committee Zhang Aiping chaired the meeting with members of the Advisory Committee attending it.

Committee members and delegates appreciated and affirmed the work carried out by the CRIHAP since its establishment, which is fully consistent with the direction determined by UNESCO, with the goals, principles and objectives set forth in relevant UNESCO documents such as C4 and C5. Its outstanding achievements have been praised and recognized by UNESCO headquarters. Apart from the regular courses on Convention implementation, inventorying, safeguarding plan and nomination, CRIHAP gradually added recent ICH-related hot issues into training theme, such as “intangible cultural heritage and education”, “ICH and young generation” and “ICH and post-disaster reconstruction”, which are common problems and challenges in the field of ICH for every society in the process of globalization, modernization and urbanization. In terms of organizing of the workshop, the CRIHAP was praised for efficiently incorporating new training based on previous experience.

The attendees proposed suggestions on the course and theme of future workshops, the localization of training material translation, the follow-up assessment of training, and also the medium- and long-term development goals of the CRIHAP.

(Original story provided by Shen Ce)

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