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Cultural exchange activity of Fujian puppet show held in Indonesia

Source: CRIHAP
Cultural exchange activity of Fujian puppet show held in Indonesia

The puppeteer from Zhangzhou Puppetry Troupe Wang Yan and children audiences. [Photo/ CRIHAP]

The 15 artists puppeteers from Quanzhou Marionette Drama, Jinjiang Hand Puppet Art Heritage Protection Centre, and Zhangzhou Puppetry Troupe gave four wonderful shows at Indonesian Harapan Bangsa School, Taman Mini Indonesia Indah, Padjadjaran University, and University of Indonesia, attracting an audience of more than 2000.

Some classical puppet shows like Taming the Monkey, Daming Mansion, and The Drunken Tiger have also been presented to the Indonesian audiences by China’s national first-class performing artists and young artists from the three companies.

Besides the Chinese artists, Indonesian Wayang Ajen Puppetry and the students’ association of the University of Indonesia jointly presented traditional Indonesian puppet shows, which were warmly received by audiences. It also enhanced the mutual understanding of the art of puppetry in both countries and promoted dialogue between the two cultures.

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