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Academic Institutions that offer ICH courses

No. Academic Institutions Link
1 Peking University http://www.pku.edu.cn/
2 Chinese Academy of Social Sciences http://www.gscass.cn/
3 Minzu University of China http://www.muc.edu.cn/
4 Beijing Union University (College of Applied Arts and Science) http://www.ygi.edu.cn/index.jsp
5 Sichuan College of Culture and Arts http://www.cymy.edu.cn/
6 Guangxi University of Nationalities http://www.gxun.edu.cn/
7 Hanshan Normal University http://www.hstc.edu.cn/2013/
8 Henan University (Department of Chinese) http://www.henu.edu.cn/
9 East China Normal University (School of Social Development) http://www.ecnu.edu.cn/
10 Central China Normal University http://www.ccnu.edu.cn/
11 Liaoning University http://www.lnu.edu.cn/
12 Jiangxi Normal University (History, Culture and Tourism School) http://www.jxsdwl.cn/
13 Inner Mongolia Normal University (College of Sociology and Folklore) http://www.imnu.edu.cn/
14 Nanjing Normal University (College of Social Development) http://sfy.njnu.edu.cn/
15 Qiqihar University (Cultural Relic Protection, School of Literature and History) http://www.qqhru.edu.cn/
16 Shandong College of Arts (College of Arts Management) http://www2.sdca.edu.cn/yswhx/
17 Shihezi University http://www.shzu.edu.cn/structure/index.htm
18 Tarim University (Research Institute of Culture of Chinese Western Regions) http://www.taru.edu.cn/
19 Tianjin Polytechnic University http://www.tjpu.edu.cn/
20 Zhejiang Normal University (College of Communication and Creative Culture) http://ccxy.zjnu.edu.cn/mainpage.asp?screen=width
21 Chinese National Academy of Arts http://www.gscaa.cn/
22 South-Central University for Nationalities (Institute of Ethnology and Sociology) http://www.scuec.edu.cn/ms/
23 Sun Yat-sen University (Intangible Cultural Heritage, Department of Chinese) http://chinese.sysu.edu.cn/2012/index.aspx
24 China Central Academy of Fine Arts (Department of Cultural Relics, School of Humanities) http://www.cafa.edu.cn/dep/?c=650&t=2
25 Chongqing University of Arts and Sciences (Research Centre of Intangible Cultural Heritage) http://ich.cqwu.net/
26 Tibet University (College of Literature) http://www.utibet.edu.cn/index.html
27 Henan University of Science and Technology http://www.haust.edu.cn/
28 Wenzhou University (College of Humanity) http://hum.wzu.edu.cn/
29 Shanxi University (Department of Literature, Business College) http://www.sxdxswxy.com/sdsy/
30 Beifang University of Nationalities (Institute of Sociology and Ethnology http://www.nwsni.edu.cn/sys/
31 Yunnan University http://www.ynu.edu.cn/
32 Tianjin University http://www.tju.edu.cn/index.htm
33 East China Normal University http://www.yjsy.ecnu.edu.cn/
34 Xinyang Normal University http://www.xytc.edu.cn/
35 Southwest University for Nationalities (College of Tourism and Historical Culture)
36 Wuhan University (Department of Sociology) http://shxx.whu.edu.cn/site/shxx/
37 Liaocheng University (School of History and Culture) http://lswh.lcu.edu.cn/

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